Custom Clothing

When looking for custom clothing, you’ll notice two options we offer at Tailored Gents at Savile Row: Made-to-measure and Benchmade. Each process allows you to get a custom fit suit or shirt that is individually tailored to you. The difference comes in the amount of customization we are able to make and the pricing.

Why choose custom clothing?

There is simply no match for the comfort and personal style that tailor-made clothing brings to your wardrobe. Whether you decide to go for a made-to-measure shirt or a full benchmade 2-piece suit, the clothiers at Tailored Gents at Savile Row will help you to achieve the perfect fit, made with high-quality materials that will make a statement in your wardrobe for years to come.
Darryl Tyler

What is Made-to-measure?

In the made-to-measure process, a tailor starts with a standard pattern that they then modify to better fit an individual. They can modify the seam allowances of a pattern by several inches to make the suit jacket, shirt or pants fit better than an item straight off the rack.

There are some limitations to the seam allowances that mean the tailor can only take an item in or let it out so many inches. Making corrections for posture is also more limited with made-to-measure than with a bespoke suit.

Prices for full made-to-measure suits range from $1,295 to $2,000, offering a more affordable alternative to bespoke suits.

What is benchmade?

Benchmade suits are created from a pattern that is crafted from over 50 skin and fitting measurements, meaning the pattern is unique to each individual person. Benchmade garments are then handcrafted with over 40 hours of artisan craftsmanship, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit. 

From the first fabric and styling choices to the final fitting, each benchmade garment is created with precision and customer satisfaction to ensure meticulous execution at every step. 

Our full bespoke 2-piece suits range from $1,895 to $2,995, so they are a more luxury option than our made-to-measure suiting. 

Darryl Tyler